Coming Soon!


Time to put the lemonade down and post!

We are a husband + wife team who loves to garden and shoot photos. To clarify, my husband is primarily the gardener and I, Julia, am the full-fledged digital media nerd! We realized that these combined interests would be groovy as a project. And so our brainchild, Creative Yardists!

We had plenty of good floral subjects in Houston and you’ll find that most of our catalogue reflects this founding idea. We also have begun to delve back into our earlier photos of places in Europe and the US. Check back as we add more to the collection.

We have recently re-located and are enjoying life in beautiful Mexico! There are inumerable natural, architectural, historical sights here. No doubt our collection will continue to grow!

Be sure to visit our Collections page and browse our catalogue of prints.

I will get back to my editing now at my home office, my hammock! Hasta pronto! Until we meet again!