About Us

A husband and wife artistic team: nature + garden photography = Creative Yardists!
Christopher – Nature Director



Nature Director extraordinaire! His attention to caring for and planting the various flowers you’ll see in our prints is the heart of this dynamic duo operations.

When we moved into our house several years ago, there was an overgrown area that hid some treasures. Christopher resuscitated a beautiful pink climbing rose bush and Julia found the right trellis and we never looked back!

It all starts with Christopher’s love of nature and passion for tending the flowers and trees in our prints.


J Julia – Creative Director


Creative Director, check! Julia’s love of photography, editing and all things creative is her driving force. She relishes the beauty that only nature can provide and seeks to ways of seeing these images up close.

She will often take an image and begin experimenting with it’s color, tone, framing and other variables to create the prints in the catalogue.

And with the new surroundings in Mexico for about two years, you’ll see more images added to our collection that reflect the natural and historic views of this ancient and modern culture.

We are expanding our initial vision and will be adding images from our travels from around the world.